Typically the incoming voltage to your property will vary between 216v and 253v as laid out by current EU Legislation. All domestic electrical equipment is designed to work within a range of 207V and 253V, but critically the optimum and most efficient supply voltage for these appliances is 220. When the supply voltage exceeds 220V waste is generated, in both heat and vibration significantly reducing the life span of the equipment.

A Voltage Optimiser is simply connected between your meter and your distribution board and it will then intelligently optimise the voltage supply to all your electrical appliances in your property.

When you optimise the voltage to your property you immediately benefit from energy savings because you are reducing WASTE in the form of heat and vibration. Domestic savings for a typical house vary between 5% and 13%.

A Voltage Optimiser is completely versatile and can be adapted for both domestic and commercial (3-phase) applications.  Contact us today to find out how voltage optimisation can benefit you.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces energy usage on electrical dependant loads.
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Contributes to Government funded targets
  • Customer savings start immediately
  • Simple to install
  • Substantially extends the life of appliances and lighting
  • Protects sensitive electrical devices from damage
  • Seamless Switching


Product Features

A domestic VO unit has at its heart a dedicated electronic control Unit “ECU” this intelligently and constantly monitors all the parameters such as incoming and outgoing supply voltage, load current, temperature even its own performance, ensuring the unit always delivers the optimum performance to your dwelling.

Incorporating the latest sine wave sampling (SWS) and active sine wave mapping (ASWM) technology enables the unit to monitor and control three critical performance and safety functions.


Low Voltage Threshold

Low voltage threshold (LVT) eliminates the risk of the optimised voltage falling below a minimum target voltage, when it detects the voltage has recovered and stabilsed it automatically switches back to save mode.


High Current Threshold

High current threshold (HCT) protects against over current. The unit will automatically detect this and sits in a temporary bypass mode until the over current reduces.


Optimum Switching Threshold

Optimum switching threshold (OST) by constantly mapping the sine wave, a VO unit will only switch at a calculated optimum point, which eliminates any interruption to the supply voltage. It also eliminates spikes.