Make your home more secure with our high-end CCTV and alarm systems.
Have full control of your security, safety and smart home features with
just one click on the revolutionary smartphone apps!



Clear & colourful images     24/7 motion detection & recording

Easy and professional installation        Active deterrent 

 Night Vision



Wi-Fi Enabled

With full Wi-Fi comparability, you can expect seamless and robust communication possibilities alongside simultaneous reporting and monitoring stations.  

Discreet & Stylish Wireless Detector

This detector is not only contemporary looking,
but it is also compatible with both 1-way and
2-way wireless systems. It also has coverage
of up to 10 metres and the pet immune model
of up to 8 metres. 

Wireless Accessories

We offer an array of wireless accessories with quick and easy installation. These accessories offer great reliability for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Smartphone App

Forgot to turn your alarm on and you have already left the house? That is no longer a problem with the smartphone app – take control of your security, safety and smart home features wherever you are. When you enable push notifications you can decide the best course of action within seconds!