The ‘Thermodynamic Magic Box’ from Magic Thermodynamic Box is a revolutionary, British made thermodynamic hot water heating system.  The 3rd generation of the product has now been launched featuring major improvements in performance, and it remains the only retro-fit thermodynamic system made for the British climate.

Key Features

  • Retro fits to existing cylinder
  • Compatible with both vented and unvented systems
  • Tested proven technology
  • Works day and night all year long
  • Generates hot water in all weather
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Significantly reduces carbon emissions
  • Heats water to 55
  • Panel can be mounted on external walls or roof
  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee

How It Works

  1. The aluminium panel circulates the refrigerant liquid where energy is absorbed from the ambient temperature.
  2. This transforms the liquid into a gas, which carries the heat energy to the Thermodynamic Magic Box.
  3. The Thermodynamic Magic Box compresses the gas which increases the temperature.
  4. The spent gas reverts back to a liquid which flows back in the panel, allowing the process to repeat.
  5. Simultaneously, a water pump pulls cold water from the cylinder into the Thermodynamic Magic Box.
  6. This works as a heat exchanger which returns hot water to the cylinder.
  7. This flow continues until the water in the cylinder reaches 55°C.
  8. Once this is achieved the system goes into standby mode.