With electricity costs constantly on the rise, there has never been a better
time to invest in battery storage. Battery systems allow you to use your stored
electric when it’s most needed!



“The market for energy storage is growing at a rapid pace, driven by declining prices and supportive government policies.”

– AlphaESS

What are the benefits?

✓ Save Money         Back up your power*

Environmentally friendly         ✓ Flexible & Convenient 


Why Alpha?

With customised energy storage solutions suitable for both residential
and commercial properties, Alpha helps you to achieve energy independence in a
way that suits you! Alpha has an impressive discharge rate of 96%, and an 
“AlphaCloud Monitoring Platform” to help you easily manage your system.  

Why PylonTech?


Just like other battery systems, PylonTech allows you to choose
the power of capacity that you need and store your energy until
you need it most. They are also compatible with most hybrid inverters
and are an ideal choice if you have a limited amount of space.
They are compact; at only 440*410*89 mm (W x H x D)
and can easily be stacked. Thanks to their compact size, they are easy to
install and move to a different location later should you wish to do so! 

Why Lux AC Charger?

The Lux AC Charger has the largest charge and discharge capability of 3.5 Kwh!
It can be set up as a squirrel unit to provide better input-output and
additional storage as required.