Growatt SP2000


  • Production in daytime and consumption at night
  • Internal DC switch
  • Capacity of storage can be expanded
  • Ethernet/ R S 232 / RF / WiFi
  • Easy to add into Grid-tie installed solar system
  • Charging battery via utility grid**
  • Comprehensive Growatt warranty program
  • Battery discharging time is programable
  • PV and battery power load simultaneously

The Growatt SP2000 is a residential energy storage system that can be retrofitted to existing PV systems or installed with a new system.

It is unique compared to other battery storage systems as it is fitted between the PV panels and the inverter.

It is used to store excess energy generated by a Solar PV array in a battery (charge). The stored energy is then released back through the inverter at night for use in the house (discharge).

Growatt Lithium Battery


  • Larger DOD to maximize usage of battery capacity
  • Long cycle life to ensure lowest cost per Wh
  • Excellent quality cell along with experienced BMS design team to mostly ensure safety whilst operating
  • Intelligent over voltage/current/temperature protection, LED to indicate status in real time

A customer friendly wall-mounted design saves installation space. High energy density with low installation cost. Its wide temperature range and long storage period make it the perfect battery.